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Joyfully we present you our newest and also first collection called "CHAOS". The collection is beeing divided by us into two parts. On the one side we have the simple begining of everything, which the chaos of the greek mythology stands for, and on the other side we have the big colorful "mess". Just like that we designed our 2 hoodies, which are going to drop on XX.XX.XX. Even though it is our first collection, we still wanted to convince with a unique and fresh style. If you are interested in buying a piece either go to the Contact area or simply write us an direct message through Instagram.
The fashion-design brand "Skado" was founded in XX.XX.XX, but the main idea of designing clothes goes back to the 24th August of 2020. The name "Skado" has its origin in the spanish word "escado" which means "scaled". Equally we design your pieces "scaled" to our ideas and concecpt.